Zond 265 1.5.1312.05 Demo

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Zond 265 1.5.1312.05 Demo

A specialized video analysis application that can be used by all those who want an in-depth examination of their HEVC/H.265 videos

Zond 265 was especially created to help video researchers with developing codecs by isolating and locating issues with bitstream compliance. During the analysis, users can explore frame types and sizes, as well as timestamps, coding units data or various stages of picture decoding. 
  • Unregistered version is restricted with the first 10 frames to which the analysis is applied. It ships two H.265 test streams.
What’s New 
  • Features:
  • Compatible with reference software HM 12.1
  • Hex viewer to show bin/hex data, has search and navigation alibies. Hex pannel is fully movable, resizable and hidable.
  • Hex viewer is synchronized with bitstream tab and highlight header blocks and bitstream header bits. It was significantly optimised comparing to betas and demos.
  • Added Transport Streams reading (in beta mode)
  • Fixes:
  • Opening file procedure was optimized. Now it works faster for long files.
  • Optimized action responses (mouse clicks, data showing) for long files.
  • 1 frames stream could’nt be opened.
  • Open file dialog has now OnTop property as it happened that is didn’t arise.
  • Calling not existed file from a history didn’t deliver an error.
  • Hanging on some long files.
  • Crashes on some files.
  • Display order were shown incorrectly if slice_pic_order_cnt_lsb had some skips.
  • Changes:
  • Stream statistics parsing moved to a separate procedure. It is managed in Stream St…

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