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YAMJ 2.0 FreewareYAMJ is a practical and straightforward software solution worth having when you need to create your own jukebox by scanning the folder you want, then view your favorite video files on Playon!HD media player devices. The main window of the application is simple and user-friendly. It allows you to easily choose your jukebox language and select the online database from where movie information will be downloaded such as IMDB and TheMovieDB. Then, you can choose the directory where all your favorite video files are stored. A new Playon! patch will be automatically generated. Additionally, you can choose to create a desktop shortcut in case you want to update the current jukebox. After that, YAMJ will automatically create the indexes that allow you to display your video files in the Playon!HD media player series by pressing the ‘Run / Update’ button. This way, you can enjoy your files from a TV with ease. However, you need to make sure that your computer is connected to the Internet. This way, YAMJ will be able to gather movie information such as subtitles, original name and rating, to name a few. When all the indexes are created, you can enter the movie jukebox menu from the Playon!HD home screen. Choose the location of your jukebox, be it USB , HDD or network device, then select the index you are interested in (considering that you have generated more than one). To sum things up, YAMJ proves to be a steady and effective solution when it comes to creating your own jukebox and view your favorite video files using Playon!HD media player devices. By selecting any movie or video from the thumbnail, you are able to view all the required details such as star rating, short description, audio and video codecs and available subtitles.
YAMJ is a simple and useful application that comes in handy for users who need to view their videos using Playon!HD media player devices. After opening YAMJ you are able to choose the jukebox language and the directory where all your video files are stored, then a Playon! path will be automatically generated.
  • Internet Connection
  • Playon!HD media player
  • Java

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