YAAC 1.0 Beta 33 Freeware

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YAAC 1.0 Beta 33 Freeware

User-friendly and open-source APRS client

YAAC was developed as an accessible and useful tool that acts as a general-purpose client application for accessing the APRS Amateur Radio. YAAC is an open source Java-based software that can be used to access the Automatic Packet Reporting System network over radio links / Internet.
  • Java
  • Internet connection
What’s New
  • fixed ability to send weather data from non-weather-station-symbol stations
  • fixed up to toString() methods to improve debugging
  • added support for indicating weather station make and model in weather data reports
  • corrected conversion error in TemperatureUnit class
  • continued separating GUI code from back-end message processing code
  • add health monitor functionality
  • fix table cell renderers to properly show non-default background colors
  • have map zoom and pan buttons return focus to the map after they are triggered by keyboard input
  • ensure beacon symbol overlay is cleared when primary table symbol is chosen
  • fix breakage in YAACBootstrap code for Raspberry Pi platform

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