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WordMat 1.05 Freeware WordMat is a Word addin designed to enable users to perform math operations. WordMat creates a tab with math functionality. Part of the Math functionality is provided by other open-source applications like Maxima, GeoGebra, Graph and GnuPlot.  
What’s New 
  • Support for 64-bit version of Word 2013
  • Maxima upgraded to version 5.30.0
  • GeoGebra opgraded
  • A lot translated to english. There is still some that is only in danish
  • spanish translation by Igor Capetillo
  • New feauture: Automatic numbering af equations (check: 2 x alt+m, WordMat-menu|Insert equation, settings)
  • Polynomial regression now possible to any order
  • Regression of user defined function now possible
  • Latex-konverter improved a lot
  • Equation solver improved. (incl lambert W)
  • Differential equation solver improved (logistic, temp. defs)
  • double integrals now possible
  • Differential-Notation improved. Support for partial derivatives of higher order
  • Support for logarithms of all bases ex. log_2(8)=3
  • numeric equation solver now takes temp. defs. into account
  • bug: Transfer of greek symbols to GeoGebra did not work
  • Lots of minor improvement

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