WinT Messenger 1.0 Freeware

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WinT Messenger 1.0 FreewareWinT Messenger is a practical instant messaging application that can be used inside a local area network to allow communication between connected workstations.  Easy to configure LAN chat client Unlike most other tools in its category, this particular LAN messaging client does not require you to exchange IP addresses with the interlocutor. Practically, it connects to your local network and allows anyone that uses it to join the automatically generated chat room. As such, you won’t have to register in order to use it. Emoticon collection and other features Anyone who launches WinT Messenger on their computer instantly accesses the on-going conversation and start talking with other users. The chat window is very simple and features an intuitive layout, comprising the input text field and a small collection of emoticons that can make your conversation a bit more expressive, interesting and fun at the same time. Each message is accompanied by the name of the sender and the time it was received. Right from the very start, you can customize your username and choose a color in order to change the appearance of the interface. Alternatively, you can perform these actions at a later time, in the ‘Settings’ area. WinT Messenger is also available for other operating systems as well, namely Android, Mac OS X and iOS. Its future strategy is to allow cross-platform communication between devices in the same network or via Bluetooth. A useful network chat tool  WinT Messenger is easy to work with and can be used to chat with friends in the same network. While it has its advantages, it could use some improvements to allow file exchange or video calling, which would really add to its value. WinT Messenger, as its name says, is an instant messenger software solution. In contrast to most messaging clients, WinT Messenger is free, open source and does not require any type of registration in order to use it. WinT Messenger is made in QML/C++ and its based on the Qt framework. WinT Messenger is officially supported on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Unlike other messaging clients, WinT IM connects to you local network, allowing anyone on your network to join the conversation.

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