WinSuitZ 1.0 Beta Freeware

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WinSuitZ 1.0 Beta FreewareWinSuitZ is intended to offer users of a Windows 7 and XP system the possibility to enjoy the look and feel of Windows 8 on their computers. It acts as a start menu that can be used to quickly access important administration and management tools of the PC, while allowing the user to take a glimpse at what the modern UI looks like. A modern start screen for Windows 7 and XP systems The interface layout is exactly like the Windows 8 start screen, with multiple tiles for each of the shortcuts it bundles. Horizontal scrolling only makes the experience closer to that offered by the real start screen. There are various tools that you can quickly open with WinSuitZ and from this point of view, you can consider it to be an application launcher. However, note that you cannot expand the existing array of tools, since no option for adding new apps to the start screen is presented. Launch useful system utilities and tools WinSuitZ provides one-click access to commonly-used utilities, such as the calculator, the command console, Wordpad, the registry editor, the magnifier, Remote Desktop Connection, Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer or Paint. Additionally, it helps you quickly navigate to important areas in the Control Panel, such as the ‘User Accounts’, ‘Display Properties’, ‘Ease of Access Center’, ‘Windows Update’ or the ‘Action Center’. Furthermore, it helps you run disk cleanup, launch the Task Manager or adjust the audio volume. Some of the tiles triggered an error when we tried to click on them, causing occasional application crashes. Experience the Windows 8 look and feel WinSuitZ can offer Windows 7 and XP users a taste of how the Windows 8 modern interface looks like, but is nothing like a complete transformation pack. It conveniently provides access to some system utilities, but the tools are not organized and you might find yourself going through all the tiles to find what you are looking for. WinSuitZ is just like a Windows 8 Start Menu, enabling Windows XP and 7 users to enjoy the new modern look of Windows 8 on their computers. It provides access to some of the most frequently used applications and system areas, enabling you to launch them with a single click.

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