Windows Snapshot Grabber 2014.6.208.2119 Trial

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Windows Snapshot Grabber 2014.6.208.2119 Trial

Capture Window and Set as Topmost / Enabled / Visible / Resize and Get a Window Snap.

Windows Snapshot Grabber is an application created to help you capture a window or control and get its details. The app can set the window or control as Topmost, Enabled or Disabled, or you can show or hide the window, set it transparent, or capture a window snap. Windows Snapshot Grabber gets the window’s HWND, ID, Name/Title, Class, Sytle/ExStyle, Font and Color. It can change its Topmost, Enabled, Visible, Size and Transparency. WinGrab can capture a window snap with menu. The application is very light and user-friendly. And it can remember all history of changed window.
Here are some key features of “Windows Snapshot Grabber”:
  • Capture window or control and highlight the captured window or control
  • Enabled or Disabled window or control
  • Show or Hide window or control, change window’s Visible
  • Resize window or control, move window, change its left, top, width and height
  • Set window as Topmost, stay on top
  • Set window’s transparency, change its alphablend
  • Snap window or control, and snap it with menus
  • Remember the history of the changed window or control for undo
  • Supports task that close nag window or dialog automatically
  • 7 days trial
  • nag screen

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