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Wind SFTP Server FreewareWind SFTP Server was designed to provide users with an easy-to-configure SFTP server. Despite of what its name implies, support is not restricted to SFTP alone, but includes FTP and FTPS as well. There’s no shortage of this type of software on the market, but the fact of the matter is that all of them are relatively difficult to configure and require extensive networking knowledge. Wind SFTP Server adopts a more user-oriented approach and comes across as a reliable alternative to more sophisticated server implementations. You can start configuring the server as soon as the installation process ends. The whole setup is carried out inside a simple, yet intuitive interface that is divided into several tabs, each of them dealing with different parameters. First and foremost, you are required to define the host settings, namely the IP interface (which is automatically detected) and the port number, as well as the type of protocol to be used and log related configurations such as the directory where it should be kept and the log level. In the second tab, you can create a list of users who will have access to the server based on a username and password that you define. You can also set permissions as read-only (access is restricted to reading files) or full access (users can also perform write operations). The last of the tabs deals with IP whitelists and blacklists. Here, you have the possibility of creating a list of allowed or blocked IPs, therefore you are granted full control over who can login to the server. Don’t forget to press the ‘Save’ button once you’ve made the configurations, otherwise changes will not be remembered. In conclusion, Wind SFTP Server comes across as a simplistic approach to setting up and maintaining a server, with minimum impact on system resources. Wind SFTP Server is a handy and reliable server that in addition to supporting SFTP, can work with FTP and FTPS protocols, as well. The server can be configured to provide access to an unlimited number of users and features an option to block certain IP addresses. Note: The Free version is for non-commercial use only and it is limited to one simultaneous connection. Business users are required to purchase a license.

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