WinBatch 2013C Trial

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WinBatch 2013C Trial

Easily create automation scripts

WinBatch is a useful and powerful desktop automation solution that allows you to create / edit scripts or macros and run them from a keyboard hotkey. Macros can be run from icons, hotkeys, or other software macros to automate all the actions you want. Featured in WinBatch are a simple BASIC-like syntax, network management, string-handling, keystroke recording, and various functions for file management, directory management, disk drive management, Window management, mathematical computation, DDE, OLE, messaging, serial communications, Internet communications, Windows control manipulation, and multi-media events. There are two main benefits of using WinBatch for system automation applications. The first is the programming language. It comes complete with functions pre-wired to handle tasks you must code in other tools. The second is rapid deployment. Here are some key features of “WinBatch”: · Save time by automating work · Run Windows PC’s unattended · Standardize data entry by scripting · Allow rapid prototyping of software projects · Allow programming of a vast array of utilities and smaller programs Limitations: · 21 days trial · Nag screen What’s New  · Major Release

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