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Win7 Start Orb Loader 1.1.1 FreeChange the way the Start menu button looks and replace it with a different one. Win7 Start Orb Loader is the program that helps you achieve just that, but keeping you on the safe side as it does not modify or replace vital Windows data. Notwithstanding Windows 7’s looks, users will always jump on board when it comes to modifying the aspect of the operating system, even if we’re talking about minor aesthetic tweaks. Having a different theme or simply a particular icon arrangement on the desktop sets you apart. In this case the famous Start menu orb in Windows 7 is on the line and if it is possible, why not change it just to see how it works for you. Unlike other Start menu button changers out there Win7 Start Orb Loader does things a bit different in that it will not offer good looks for the price of system stability. The freebie operates the changes without corrupting explorer.exe (the file remains untouched). No installation is required to take advantage of what Win7 Start Orb Loader has to offer. Unzip the archive and launch the executable in order to see the application interface, which is anything but complicated. It will show you the current Start orb (which at the beginning will be the default on in Winodws 7) and the options set. Working with the application is no rocket science, especially after you’ve gone through the Readme file included in the archive. The options available let you enable the orb loader and integrate an option to launch the program straight from the desktop context menu. However, as simple as it all is, there is one ingredient you have to get in order to be able to modify the Start orb, and that is the replacement image itself. Unfortunately Win7 Start Orb Loader does not bring its own pack of files and lets you search for the data on the web. Also, the Readme file is very strict about the type of file supported by the application in terms of dimensions and file format: 32-bit BMP sized 54×162; if you try anything else it will not show in the application. As soon as start orb loader is enabled you’ll be able to point the program to the folder containing the artwork you want to pick an orb from. Fortunately you will not be doing any trial and error to see which orb fits your taskbar best because Win7 Start Orb Loader offers preview of the button as soon as you select it. More than this, the preview shows all three possible states of the button: default, during mouse hove and when pressed. For an even better perspective the developer included the possibility to preview the button when the system has Aero enabled. Aero View is interactive, so the button will react upon mouse hover and mouse click. Replacing the old orb with your new choice is not done on the spot, but the effects are visible immediately after explorer.exe is restarted. You can terminate its process from Task Manager and then start it as a new task. If you want quick access to the application it can create an option to launch it in the context menu of the desktop by enabling “Shell integration” in the Options menu. The program can be easily uninstalled by disabling all the options, saving the changes (this will restore the original Start button) and deleting the application folder. As the name says, Win7 Start Orb Loader is designed to load up a Start button of your choice. However, it would be nice if it also came with a package of files ready to replace the original Windows 7 button. Searching the Internet for images that fit the requirements of the application is not an easy job. The biggest advantage offered by the software is that it does not modify explorer.exe file, which translates in unaffected operating system stability. Still on the bright side, preview options available make sure that you do not waste time trying new buttons but have a clear perspective on how the button looks in all of its three states. On the downside, its simplicity is also its biggest drawback. The only options present allow you to enable the loader and create a quick shortcut in the right-click menu of the desktop. Other than this Win7 Start Orb Loader is totally inflexible. The Good explorer.exe files remains untouched, which practically leaves system stability unscathed. It does not require installation in order to function properly. Preview function lets you check out the button in all its three states: default, mouse hover and mouse click; for interactive preview of how the selected button reacts you can use “Aero view” option. The Bad The lack of the orb files to replace the original Start button in Windows 7 is the biggest issue as finding them on the Internet is not an easy task; creating them yourself requires pretty solid image editing skills. The Truth Win7 Start Orb Loader is an easy to use application that gets complicated because it does not offer the user a pack of buttons to toy around with. Unlike software of the same feather it poses no system stability issues because explorer.exe is not altered in any manner.
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