Win Mail Backup 3.0.4 Trial

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Win Mail Backup 3.0.4 Trial

A backup, restore and synchronize utility that can be used with ease

In order to protect your data if you use Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail, you can easily backup, restore and synchronize your mail contents with Win Mail Backup. Win Mail Backup (WMB) will assist with the transfer of mail from WM or WLM from one machine to another. WLM can also transfer WLM data from XP to Vista machines (and vice/versa). WMB includes a backup and restore of “My Documents”, the Desktop, as well as the Firefox browser data. WMB is designed for all levels of user. The novice will find the WMB wizard interface simple but powerful, while the advanced user will appreciate the built-in scheduler. Win Mail Backup includes a “Live Update” function that makes ensure you have the latest version of the application. Here are some key features of “Win Mail Backup”: · Works with Windows Mail [WM] and with Windows Live Mail [WM]. · Create a “Backup” copy of all of your mail (including all attachments). · Save all of the important email registry settings (e.g. message rules) and supporting data (e.g. stationery) · Easily “Restore” the mail and all settings after a system failure. · Transfer your mail and settings to a new machine. · Transfer WLM on one machine to WLM on another – and vice/versa. · Find and messages in the backup which are not in the current WM, or WLM message folders. This will allow you to restore just a single lost message, or to keep folders “in sync” between machines. This is unique to backup programs. · Search for and View any message in the backup file without restoring. This is unique to backup programs. · Backup and restore of Windows Contacts and Windows Live Contacts · Backup and restore of Windows Live Calendar. · Backup and restore of ancillary data: Documents, Desktop items, Internet Explorer settings, Firefox settings, and Google Chrome settings. · Backup any data using custom backup groups. · Backup Now! – One step backup using the parameters from the prior backup.The program remembers how you like to do things. · Automatic reminder to backup after a set number of days – according to your needs. Never again forget this important task. · Retrieve messages from the backup as text (.txt) files or as Mail (.eml) files. · Transfer mail and from XP to Vista and vice/versa. · If you need to refer to your actions, a log is maintained for each Backup or Restore. This can easily be printed as required. · Schedule the backup using the simple Win Mail Backup scheduler (included), or using the Windows Scheduler. Requirements: · Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail must be installed Limitations: · 15-day trial What’s New · Works with Windows 8 – Win Mail Backup 3 has been tested on all versions of Windows 8 – including the 64bit releases. WMB3 includes significant internal changes specifically for Windows 8 but it is still fully compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP. · Support for IE9 and IE10 – WMB3 works with the latest browsers from Microsoft. · Enhanced support for Google Chrome – WMB3 includes backup and restore of Tab and Session information.

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