Watership Planner 2.81 Demo

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Watership Planner 2.81 Demo

Allows you to organize your values, responsibilities, ambitions, and plans

Watership Planner is a program designed to help you develop a vision of the person you’d like to become by redefining your personal habits. Plan multi step goals that support your principles. Schedule tasks from your goals on your day and have it automatically shuffled around appointments, time constraints, changing priorities and interruptions. Stay focused on the current task at hand with a keyboard based interface that allows you to pull up the information you need at a key stroke without switching programs. Review your progress to find out what is working. Design the life you desire through conscious choice instead of settling for what you have through justified reaction. Here are some key features of “Watership Planner”: Task Management Software: · Visualize your entire agenda on a graphical timeline, go beyond working from a text based to-do list or appointment based calendar, instantly get the big picture without reading. · Keep all your ideas for your goals seperate from what you have planned for your day. Keep your list focused on what you can accomplish. Life Planning Software: · Find your core values in 20 minutes without typing and gain insight into your true life purpose. · Sample roles and life areas get you thinking about what is really important to you. Discover what makes you feel most alive and make plans to do this more. The first step to getting what you really want out of life is to decide exactly what it is that you want. · Prioritize the different areas of your life and create a balance. Making time for what you want is easy when you are clear about what you want. Goal Setting Software: · Quickly create an overview of everything you want to accomplish with your life. · Keep all your goals organized, with deadlines, milestones, and progress. Stay focused on what is important and consistently schedule small tasks to keep the momentum alive. Time Tracking Software: · Always know what you are doing and why you are doing it, see how everything affects the bottom line. · Flexible alarms and automatic scheduling let you completely immerse yourself with the current task, pace yourself and keep yourself in the flow longer. · Enter custom metrics that have meaning to you. Race against your past scores to break your past record. Requirements: · 10MB of disk space Limitations: · Limited to 30 tasks What’s New  · Task recurrences now fold up in project task lists and perform faster. · Outlook synchronization works with task recurrences.

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