VStar 2.15.6 Revision 1081 Freeware

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VStar 2.15.6 Revision 1081 Freeware

Star data visualization made easy

VStar is a reliable and Java-based utility that will help you to visualize and analyze variable start observation plots. Data can be read from a file or the AAVSO database and plotted as a light curve along with means data and error bars. Phase plots are under development and period search functions are planned.
Here are some key features of “VStar”:
  • Loads data from the AAVSO database and CSV or TSV files.
  • Displays light curves and phase plots, along with a mean curve.
  • Data can also be viewed in tabular format.
  • Views can be printed and saved.
  • Period analysis (Date Compensated Discrete Fourier Transform).
  • Polynomial fitting.
  • Filtering function.
  • Plug-in architecture (observation sources, period analysis, filtering, other tools).
What’s New 
  • Key Changes:
  • Fixed ticket 408: Uncertainty values from AID dataset reads were being converted to zero. This bug was inadvertently introduced in the 2.15.5 release.

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