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Vole Internet Expedition 3.12.40308 FreewareNavigating the Internet speedily and handling content on the opened webpages in the most comfortable way possible are still very sought after by many users. Fortunately, there are a few alternatives to the mainstream browser, some of which have some really interesting approaches. Among these original applications, Vole Internet Expedition aims to attract as many users as possible through innovative concepts. The interface is not the most attractive of the bunch, nonetheless it will help you get the job done. More important are the functions that are bundled inside this package and perhaps the one that sets this tool apart from its peers is the way in which it handles tabs and sessions, quite different from other similar software. Vole Internet Expedition allows its users to organize the pages they want to open in several categories, which, in turn, can be saved as ‘projects’. Thus, you have at your disposal various types of so-called ‘explorers’, namely general, learn, work, live, leisure, assistant and VMC. This method can help anyone keep several webpages with different subjects better organized and easily accessible via the ‘Projects Shortcut’ button that lists them in order. Grouping tabs inside any ‘explorer’ can be done either horizontally or vertically, so you can have all the webpages tiled the way you want. Benefiting from its proprietary Vole Media CHM (VMC) platform, the browser is able to offer multimedia information and controls on the page, instead of having to resort to external applications. There are some extra tools that are included in Vole Internet Expedition to further enhance its capabilities, so you can use a simple timer, an MD5 Calculator and a hardware ID (HID) generator. Altogether, this program is indeed an unconventional browser which, in spite of the innovations it brings, has some shortcomings and can be a bit difficult to utilize by less experienced users.
Vole Internet Expedition is a useful application that was especially designed to provide you with a means of visiting your preferred webpages and easily arranging tabs inside the main window. Vole Internet Expedition comes with support for Vole Media CHM (VMC) media library and it will also enable you to organize the webpages in several categories, including ‘Work’, ‘Leisure’ or ‘Learn’.
What’s New 
  • Renew code manager;
  • Preview CHM in VMC;
  • ∞Office;
  • Support VMC 3.12.40308;

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