VizUp 5.0.8 Demo

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VizUp 5.0.8 Demo

Accessible, easy-to-use and complete software application that allows you to quickly optimize all the 3D models found on your computer

VizUp is a lightweight, reliable application that you can use in order to optimize and reduce the size of 3D models by subtracting the number of the polygons contained in its structure. The end result of such compression is a model with a well-balanced level of details and size, which can be used in virtual reality and real-time visualization systems. VizUp supports Wavefront .OBJ, VRML 2.0/97 and StereoLitho (.STL) file formats. VizUp is designed specially for game developers, architects, and 3D designers. With this software in place, they get a pain-free way to reduce polygons and optimize 3D models, and presentations before publishing them on the Web. Also, VizUp simplifies LODs generation for games and virtual reality. The best thing about this software is that it saves you from time-consuming routine operations and lets you put your energy into creativity. The product has a “Fast reduction” option to let you optimize 3D models quickly and effectively select the necessary level of reduction for many models. The learning curve is minimal, so you can start your first polygon compression project in a few minutes. Unique to VizUp is that it compresses the model for all possible ratios at once. This means you can see the effect of any compression level instantly with a click on the corresponding ratio button. Switch between different compression ratios, compare the resulting models and select the one that fits your requirements. Another good thing about VizUp is its unique ability to maintain the visual fidelity of the model even at high compression ratios. Here are some key features of “VizUp”: · Exceptionally high quality of complex model optimization achieved after many years’ work on developing algorithms. We are very proud to have developed and implemented these unique technologies; these trade secretes let us stay ahead of competition. · Extremely simple and user-friendly. You just open your file, press “Reduce” and watch the process of optimization. · Optimization is performed automatically. You are given an option not to set any parameters manually – VizUp will pick the most suitable ones for this particular model automatically. · By decreasing the number of polygons dramatically without loosing quality of your model, you increase 3D rendering performance, reduce file size and decrease download time for your customers. · When selecting slight degree of reduction, in the absolute majority of case, you won’t see any difference between the original and the reduced models. If you decrease the number of polygons several fold, you will see some differences, but the program will make sure you have the highest visual quality possible. High reduction ratios are useful for creating different LODs of models. · It saves you a lot of time by performing model optimization only once – simultaneously for all possible reduction ratios. You don’t need to restart the process each time for 10%, 20%, 30%, … reduction ratios to compare the reduced models as competing applications require. Optimize once and get desired reduction ratio model instantly! · Visual control for model tuning during the process of optimization. Instant switching model’s reduction ratio with corresponding visualization in 3D window – both during the process of model optimization and after the process is finished. Built-in 3D viewer is intuitive and lets you examine your model without any difficulties. · The process of optimization results in deletion of some vertices, but the coordinates of the remaining vertices do not change. Thanks to this, there are minimal distortions during texture mapping, as texture coordinates of the vertices stay the same. Just use any competing software to see gross distortions during texture mapping and feel the difference. · File structure stays the same – comments, text format, and other things do not change. The program only reduces the size of the geometry data that is responsible for the shape of the object. So we implement “don’t fix it, if it’s not broken” principle and don’t alter any data that is not related to optimization (such as animation or navigation data). · Batch mode reduction let you perform model optimization according to some set parameters for all files in specified folders. This feature is very helpful when you work with large numbers of models (available only in Batch Mode edition). · Supports VRML 2.0/97, Wavefront .OBJ and StereoLitho .STL file formats. Requirements: · 256MB RAM · 50MB HD Limitations: · You cannot save your work What’s New  · Advanced polygon reduction technology.

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