VisualSFM 0.5.23 Freeware

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VisualSFM 0.5.23 Freeware

A Visual Structure from Motion System

VisualSFM was developed as an accessible GUI tool that can help you perform 3D reconstructions using SFM. VisualSFM is a tool that exploits multi-core parallelism in feature detection, bundle adjustment, and feature matching in order to run very fast. Note: VisualSFM is free for personal, non-profit or academic use. What’s New Function: · Removed other research projects from the release. · Send me emails for versions that include my research projects. · Exposed preemptive feature matching parameters · h and t_h in the 3DV paper are available as preemptive_min and preemptive_size. · Exposed parameter for limiting cpu usage in various stages. · Set param_maximum_cpu_usage to limit the number of threads. · Save Meshlab align file (.aln) for geo-referencing · Set param_write_transformation_to_aln to 1, · NVM and PLY will not be transformed, and the transform is saved as ALN instead. UI Changes: · Mouse wheel zooming now zooms around at the cursor location

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