Visual Imagemapper 5.0.136 Trial

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Visual Imagemapper 5.0.136 Trial

A simple and user-friendly software solution that can assist you in creating advanced clickable images to display on your webpages

Visual Imagemapper is a reliable imagemap editor that is easy to use for beginners, but is still efficient enough for professional developers. An image map is an image that contains one or more clickable areas, also known as hotspots. Adding hotspots is both quick and easy when using Visual Imagemapper.  You no longer have to cut and paste incomprehensible HTML code between the image map tool and the HTML editor, because you can easily open an existing HTML file, from which you select an image file to work with. Once you’re done, you can save the code directly to the HTML file without changing the rest of the code in any way. If you need to edit the HTML code manually, it can be done – and you may even preview the map with the built-in viewer or an external browser.
Here are some key features of “Visual Imagemapper”:
  • Load and save already existing image maps.
  • Edit the hotspots in wysiwyg mode and text mode.
  • Possible to rotate polygons and rectangles.
  • Scale or flip all type of hotspots.
  • Preview the document in both internal and external browser.
  • Set different color on each hotspot, making it easier to work on document with many hotspots.
  • Lock hotspots so it can’t be moved or deleted by accident.
  • Undo and Redo hotspots events in wysiwyg mode.
  • Possible to change hotspot type after the hotspot has been painted to the document.
  • Zoom to working document, from 25% to 500%.
  • When opening an HTML document, every picture in the file can be opened and worked with.
  • Because of the tabbed interface, multiple image maps can be opened and worked with.
  • Copy and Paste figures between all working documents.
  • You can copy the MAP code directly to the clipboard without saving it to an file first.
  • Add and remove point in polygons at anytime.
  • You can manually edit the hotspots coordinates, this give you the possibility to place an figure exactly where you want.
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 900 MHZ CPU
  • Minimum 25 MB available disk space
  • 15-day trial period
  • Nag screen
What’s New 
  • Navigation Window
  • Splitted code/design Window
  • Horizontal/vertical transform on hotspots
  • Hotspot order features
  • Hand Tool to easier movement on image
  • Easier to add or edit custom attributes
  • VIM is faster and use less memory
  • Added hotkeys CTRL+/CTRL- to zoom inn and out
  • Added Grid in design mode
  • Possibility to scale polygon hotspots
  • Fixed and improved the settings screen
  • The code editor is upgraded and is now more advanced
  • Easier to add custom attributes and values
  • Multiple bugs has been addressed and fixed

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