Viking 1.4.2 Free

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Viking 1.4.2 Free

An intuitive and efficient software solution that can assist users in managing their GPS maps, that they can then edit or export

Viking is a simple and reliable program that you can use to easily manage your GPS data. You can import, export and plot tracks, routes and waypoints, show OpenStreetMap, Terraserver, Bing Aerial and other maps in it. The program can download Wikipedia points, OSM Traces or Your Personal OSM Traces for an area on the map. You can also make new tracks, routes and waypoints and geotag images. Requirements: · GTK+ for Windows 2.8 or greater What’s New · Fix menu use of named own Icons since the icons were renamed some time ago. · Fix memory leak in drawing new tracks/routes. · Fix memory leak on deleting TrackWaypoint layers. · Fix large memory leak on viewing Track Properties. · Fix incorrect iterator usage. · Fix memory leaks on reading in Viking files. · Fix memory leak in treeview tooltips and selection. · Fix large memory leak when removing DEM layers. · Fix some interpolated values of a trackpoint on insertion between points. · Fix handling failed downloads with the My OSM Traces method. · Fix Acquire from Google Directions. · Fix name search using Google. · Fix Crash on viewing Track Properties with extreme gradients. · Fix missing redownload settings of some maps in the example config · Increase limit for Map IDs · Automated check for the latest version. ATM only on Windows systems. · Enable getting Viking Version as a number from a string to enable comparisons. · Remove Geofabrik’s Ope…

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