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Unified Remote (31) FreewareSmartphones are no longer used only for making calls or sending messages, since there are numerous third-party apps that can enhance their functions. For example, Unified Remote enables users to remotely control actions on their PC from their Android or Windows Phone devices. One simply needs to make sure they have .NET Framework 4.0 on their computer, otherwise they need to install it prior to installing Unified Remote. Next, they need to install the dedicated application compatible with the OS on their device, be it Android or Windows Phone. Once the client app is ready, one can access it and connect to the Unified Remote server from their computer – at this point, users can start remotely control software on their PC. For example, using solely their smartphone, one can open new tabs within their browser, navigate to the default homepage, zoom in and out, jump to the previous tab or reload the current one. There are several browsers supported by Unified Remote, such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera. The server side of Unified Remote is actually the one installed on the computer, and users can set it to run at Windows startup to ensure they will be able to connect their handsets to the PC as soon as it is opened. They can even disable all notifications, so that the server runs in the background, going unnoticed by other users, which is ideal for those who want to play pranks on their buddies. In addition, users can set Unified Remote to accept TCP and UDP connections, while also specifying the port number. Bluetooth connections are also supported, whereas in order to use the wake-on-lan function, one needs to enter the default MAC address. To wrap it up, Unified Remote is a handy utility that can help users make the most of their Android and Windows Phone handsets, by using them as a wireless keyboard or a mouse.
Unified Remote acts like a server that would enable your Android or Windows Phone devices to control your computer. In other words, you can perform a wide range of actions within browsers (such as FirefoxGoogle ChromeInternet Exploreror Opera), multimedia players (including BoxeeBS.Playerfoobar2000Hulu DesktopiTunesJ. River Media CenterMedia Player ClassicMediaMonkeySpotifyVLCWinampWindows Media Player or XBMC) or other apps, like PowerPointPicasaor Pandora. You can not only remotely shutdown or restart your PC, but you can also send text, perform mouse actions or explore the Start Screen and the Charms Bar. NOTE: You need to install the correct mobile application (for Android or Windows Phone) on your phone in order to be able to enjoy all the benefits of the software. You can also download Portable Unified Remote
What’s New 
  • Tweaked pinch zoom sensitivity.
  • Added mouse preference to disable pinch zoom.
  • Fixed Plex remote issues.

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