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Uniblue PowerSuite Lite 2013 DemoUniblue PowerSuite Lite is a suite of tools designed to help you make your computer run at its full potential. It integrates multiple tools that combine to optimize your system for improved performance. The application provides users with a simple and well-organized interface, offering easy access to its features. The bundle integrates three modules (each having its own dedicated pane in the interface) that bring together the advantages of Uniblue’s key products in a single package. These modules are available as standalone programs; thus, you can launch them from the main window of Uniblue PowerSuite Lite in order to solve your computer problems. Based on the SpeedUpMyPC application, the Speed Tools section is designed to identify the processes and files that slow down your computer. The software launch speed is improved to speed up your system, while RAM and CPU usage is monitored in order to avoid computer overloading. The second module, named ‘System Optimization’ is a simple solution for tweaking your PC, disabling unused processes or removing invalid registry entries that might contribute to its lower performance. In addition, it comprises features of DriverScanner, a product that can scan the computer for outdated drivers and allows you to update them with just a few clicks. Having the latest driver versions results in better computer speed and avoids possible computer crashes. The efficiency of the hardware available to the system is also increased. The ‘Disk Optimization’ section provides you with features of MaxiDisk. It is the component that can be used for disks defragmentation and cleaning your PC of junk and temporary files to gain more disk space. Global statistics are available in the main window of the program, where you can view the number of detected registry errors, unused processes and drivers that need updating. For each of the three modules, you can schedule weekly or monthly scanning tasks in order to detect possible issues in time. Uniblue PowerSuite Lite bundles in the advantages and features of three standalone programs, which can help you boost the performance of the computer as well as maintain it in ship shape.
Your computer is a complex assemblage of technologies that need management and maintenance to run smoothly. Without the right care and expertise, vulnerable technical areas can suffer wear and tear, resulting in degraded performance, conflicts and slow-down. Uniblue PowerSuite was developed to be comprehensive performance solution for your PC. Compounding the powers of RegistryBooster, DriverScanner and SpeedUpMyPC under a unifed interface, PowerSuite boosts and protects critical system elements tied to speed and stability. Through its unifed three-in-one scan, PowerSuite cleans and defragments your registry, updates your drivers and optimizes system and resource management, giving your PC the ultimate performance step-up. Once your system is fully optimized, a convenient scan-scheduling function provides professional and ongoing maintenance to keep you running smooth, fast and effcient.
Here are some key features of “Uniblue PowerSuite Lite”: Find out what is slowing down your PC: · With one click, start a full system scan to discover how to optimize your system and identify refinements that can be · made, such as removing invalid registry entries, unused processes, junk files and outdated drivers; Make your PC faster: · Custom speed tools sharpen your PC speed by managing CPU resources, boosting software and thumbnail image launches and decreasing start menu launch times; Clean up, gain space: · Uniblue Powersuite 2013 cleans unnecessary items, such as junk files and old backups which take up space and can slow · down a PC. You can also choose to compress large files to gain hard drive space; Improve PC health and stability: · Uniblue Powersuite 2013 deactivates unused processes and removes invalid registry entries for a cleaner, healthier PC · whilst preventing slowdowns, crashes and freezes; Ensure your disk runs smoothly: · A disk analysis will help you find out which files can be defragmented and how much disk space is available. The software will organize your disk files to enhance file access speed; Enhance your hardware efficiency: · Every PC needs a fully-functional set of audio, video and other drivers to communicate with and control various hardware devices. Your drivers can be checked against a daily updated, tested and maintained driver information database · supporting more than 88,600 drivers. Requirements: · Intel Pentium 4 1GHz or Equivalent · 512MB RAM · 750MB free hard disk space · Graphics mode 1024×768 true color (highest 32-bit) · Internet Explorer 7 · Internet connection Limitations: · System Optimization and Disk Optimization features are not available What’s New  · Bug fixes · Several UI improvements · Quick/ Deep Scan

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