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Ultracopier FreewareEvery time you decide to organize the files on your computer you are faced with countless hours spent copying, moving and transferring documents, photographs and entire folders to one area or another. Ultracopier is a light tool that was designed to enable you to perform all these tasks with just a few clicks. The program has a simple interface that is quite easy to figure out, thanks to the intuitive layout. Thus, you can copy, transfer or move any files to a location of your choice. In order to do this, you are requested to define an input and output directory. Once you launch the operation, you can view the entire size of the folder and of the file that is currently being moved. The entire list of files can be viewed as well and the order in which these are copied can be modified. The task can be paused and resumed at any time and you can even skip certain files or quit the process altogether.  By default, the frame closes at the end of the process if there are no errors, but you can modify this option. Settings regarding file collisions and errors can be made as well. The program comes with an extensive “Options” area. Thus, you can select the language and have the program replace the default copy and move system from Windows. While copying, the files can be set to retain the original date and rights. The bottom line is that Ultracopier is an advanced tool that comes with plenty of features. Inexperienced users should find it easy to work with, particularly thanks to its simplicity.
Ultracopier is advanced and yet easy to use application designed to enable users to copy or move files and folders with a few clicks. This accessible instrument was developed to provide speed limitation, error / colision management, translation and many more interesting features. You can also try the Ultimate edition of the application, which features a more complex algorithm that shifts the workload to the GPU for better performance.
What’s New 
  • Lot of new features, some request since lot of time, the feature missing from Supercopier. Update detection.
  • Better data security
  • Better performance (thanks to new algo)
  • The packaging add the static version, Supercopier skin have been added
  • And lot of bug fix

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