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UFS Explorer Standard Recovery 5.12.1 DemoUFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a comprehensive and reliable software solution intended with the aim to make complex data recovery actions simple procedures that can be carried out even by a beginner computer user. As its name states, the program helps you to recover lost or deleted data from various storage devices and file systems such as NTFS, FAT16 and FAT32. Since it embraces powerful options that you can make use of in order to restore deleted data due to virus attacks, system crashes, power outages or hardware malfunctions, to name a few, UFS Explorer Standard Recovery helps you to get back your personal media files and documents even from USB flash drives, memory cards and virtual machines. The left panel of the application displays all of the connected devices, as well as the existing partitions, while the main window allows you to view basic information about each selected disk or device such as the type of file system, the diagnostics status and the capacity. Using the right-click menu you are able to recover lost data, load recovery results, test specific files and folders, as well as backup data from the selected partition. What’s more, the program enables you to access data on all the supported file systems, including virtual disks and RAID storages. Thanks to its support for both simple and complex RAID configurations, you can easily recover data even from RAID drives. Its user-friendly and intuitive interface will guide you throughout the entire process of data recovery by performing all complex operations within seconds. After your necessary data is detected, you can simply copy it to whatever location you want. To conclude, UFS Explorer Standard Recovery will immediately scan the selected device for lost or accidentally deleted data and recover it effortlessly. Because it supports most operating systems, storage devices and file systems, even novice users can work with this application.
UFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a comprehensive software for recovering lost data from your drives. The software embraces powerful mechanisms that allow to recover accidentally deleted data and data lost due to logical file system damages after formatting hard disk, hardware malfunctions or software failures, virus attacks, power outages etc. UFS Explorer Standard Recovery all in one supports a wide range of operating and file systems – Windows (FAT and NTFS); Apple Mac OS (HFS+); Linux (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 , RUFS Explorer Standard Recovery is a comprehensive software for recovering lost data from your drives.eiser, XFS, JFS (JFS2) and FreeBSD (UFS/UFS2). This program fits for recovery from different devices and supports recovery from disk images and virtual machines – you can recover lost files from your PC, USB flash drive, memory card of your photo/video camera, external hard drive as well as a virtual machine or disk image file with one and the same tool. For enhanced capabilities the software was supplemented with plug-ins for reconstruction and further recovery from complex RAID-systems as well. User-friendly interface of UFS Explorer Standard Recovery will offer clear step-by-step guidance through sophisticated data recovery tools of the program that makes all complex operations to be conducted in just several mouse-clicks. In its work UFS Explorer Standard Recovery applies advanced techniques to scan the device for lost data and recover lost and deleted files. The software works in a safe read-only mode without making any modifications on the storage. For increased convenience the software has several variants suitable for your operating system type. UFS Explorer Standard Recovery will make data recovery easy, safe and cost-efficient operation without any harm to your data and any stress to you.  
Here are some key features of “UFS Explorer Standard Recovery”:
  • Data recovery for most cases:
  • Recover lost or deleted data from most operating systems, storages and file systems.
  • Evaluate file system state fast:
  • The pre-start basic file system diagnostics identifies common file system issues to focus recovery direction.
  • Recover from a file system variants:
  • Detect current and previous file system variants after format and target recovery to a specific file system state.
  • Quick lost data recovery:
  • After lost data detection, simply select files and folders to recover and use ‘Copy to…’ tool.
  • Advanced all-at-once recovery:
  • With definition of specific files to copy or to skip and build original-like file system tree on the target storage.
  • Key function extensions:
  • Extend software operations with set of optional external modules (plugins).
  • At least 20MB free disk space for software executable files;
  • At least 1GB RAM;
  • Can only copy files of size below 64KB

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