UEStudio Trial

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UEStudio Trial

Development environment: Build, Compile, Debug, Run, ClassViewer, Resource Editor

UEStudio is fast, lightweight, and powerful and offers advanced programming functionality. UEStudio includes integrated CVS/SVN Version Control support, built-in Class Browsing, Language Intelligence (like Intellisense), a batch builder/compiler, native support for over 30 popular compilers, an integrated PHP debugger, and more.
Here are some key features of “UEStudio”:
  • Powerful Project/Solution support:
  • Visual Studio to UEStudio Project conversion is integrated
  • Compiler Support Integrated Debugger Support is integrated
  • CVS Support Integrated
  • Project Templates (compiler specific)
  • Build functions:
  • Compile, Build/Batch
  • Build, Debug, Run Applications
  • Enhanced Workspace Manager:
  • ClassViewer Resource Editor
  • Extended Toolbars:
  • Standard UltraEdit-32 Toolbar
  • Build Toolbar
  • HTML Toolbar
  • IntelliTips Toolbar
  • Resource Editor Toolbar
  • Tools Toolbar
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag Screen
What’s New 
  • Editor Themes:
  • Manage Themes dialog for creating and modifying themes:
  • Skin the entire application (dockable panes, menus, toolbars, file tabs, status bar, etc.)
  • Set editor colors
  • Set syntax highlighting colors
  • Switch themes with a single click
  • Use one of several pre-defined themes or create your own
  • When adding a new language for syntax highlighting, UEStudio will automatically pick up your theme’s default colors for the new language
  • Import, export, and share your themes with others
  • Greatly improved file handling performance (100s of MB to 10+ GB):
  • File parsing percentage shown in status bar
  • Extremely faster navigation and editing
  • Significantly smoother scrolling
  • CSS color tooltips:
  • Hover over CSS color definition to see color preview
  • Ctrl + Click on preview swatch to select and insert a new color into file
  • Supported color formats:
  • Hex RGB
  • Functional notation RGB
  • RGBA
  • HSL
  • HSLA
  • Supported file types:
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Artistic Style improvements:
  • Update…

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