tlCorpus Trial

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tlCorpus Trial

A Corpus Query Software application (concordance software)

tlCorpus is a professional application designed for concordance and text analysis. Easy to use, fully internationalized (full Unicode support), “collocation summary” feature, multi-core utilization, auto-language and auto-encoding detection, corpus statistics, large file support (greater than 4GB files), support for BCP 47 language codes. No serious language specialist today does work without the aid of Corpus Query Software to readily and rapidly study actual language usage. The tlCorpus Corpus Query Software brings the efficiency and professionalism of the TLex Lexicography Software to corpus work. Here are some key features of “tlCorpus”: · Easy-to-use · Fully internationalized (full Unicode support; supports all languages) · Immediate search word “collocation summary” feature · Takes advantage of modern multi-core CPUs for speed gains! · Auto-detection functionality of languages and encodings helps simplify setup · Supports recent comprehensive BCP 47 language codes · Extensive file and overall corpus statistics, including TTR (Type-Token Ratios) · Integration with TLex dictionary compilation software · Large file support (> 4GB) Limitations: · 30 days trial · Nag screen What’s New  · [TLex] Add new sample “Digraph Sorting.tldict” to help show how to use the configurable table-based auto-sorting with digraph (and Unicode combining character) support (previously added in build “.670”) · [TLex] Add new sample “Demote Entry to Subentry.tldict” to help explain how to use the ‘convert entry to subentry’ functionality · [User Guide] Add detailed section explaining paragraph style options (“Indents and Spacing” tab)

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