TimeAxon 1.1 Freeware

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TimeAxon 1.1 FreewareTimeAxon is a user-friendly and reliable software solution designed to provide network administrators with a method of synchronizing the date and time in all the connected computers. In order to match the time off multiple network PCs, users need to previously install and run ClockAxon, which detects and retrieves the correct value from the GPS receiver (using the NMEA protocol). It then supplies the information as a SNTP server. TimeAxon works as a client application, that needs to be installed on all the machines that users want to synchronize. After installing it on the network computers, the utility will receive the current date and time from ClockAxon and adjust it accordingly on each desktop. Moreover, with TimeAxon users have the option of tracking a time server’s availability, which is generally meant to ensure consistency between all the connected PCs in terms of dates and hours. It can also send alerts as SNMP traps when certain irregularities arise, so the administrator can take the appropriate measures and fix the issue. TimeAxon enables users to input the preferred SNTP server addresses or select them from the available one by initially identifying and displaying them in a list. Additionally, users can set the frequency of the clock synchronization, as well as the maximum time difference permitted. To conclude, TimeAxon is a useful and efficient utility that can assist administrators in synchronizing the time on all of the machines in their network, in just a few clicks of their mouse. TimeAxon is a simple tool, which along with ClockAxon are designed to synchronize the date and time in your computer network. TimeAxon is a client of SNTP that gets the current time from the server, e.g. ClockAxon. The application can also monitor a time server availability and send alerts as SNMP traps, received by LogAxon.

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