TexturePacker Pro 3.3.1 Trial

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TexturePacker Pro 3.3.1 Trial

A tool for sprite sheet creation and image optimization

TexturePacker will help you create simple sprite sheets in an easy and simple way in order to reduce memory usage and improve performance. The application comes with a full featured graphical user interface including multi touch support, zooming and a tree view with all used sprites! The extreme fast layout algorithm shows all changes in realtime! Integrate TexturePacker in your build toolchain or add it directly to XCode. When updating your assets just drop them into the assets folder. Rebuilding your project will also rebuild all sprite sheets with changes. You can optimize your images for different pixel formats, including RGBA4444, RGB565, RGBA8888. To preserve the colors you can also apply different dithering methods. TexturePacker is the first tool which has direct support for cocos2d’s new .pvr.ccz format! Especially when working with 16bit textures this new format is faster and smaller than even optimized PNG files. TexturePacker will help you create simple sprite sheets up to 2048×2048 pixels by using GUI and command line. Extrude repeats the outer pixels around a shape to avoid flickering when tiling textures. Automated trimming, automated sizing, extreme fast automated layout. Note: If you run your own development blog or are developer of an (open source) game framework you can get TexturePacker for free! Please use the sign up form to request a license.
Here are some key features of “TexturePacker Pro”:
  • High quality color reduction
  • Resizing on the fly
  • Integrate it into your build process
  • Trimming / Cropping
  • Create heuristic mask
  • Resizing on the fly
  • 7 days trial
What’s New
  • Features:
  • Support for webp image format
  • Starling / Sparrow exporter: Support for rotated sprites
  • Export of compressed TIFF images
  • Generic exporter: new values available: settings.tpsName texture.size, texture.absoluteFileName, texture.trimmedName, texture.fullName
  • Generic exporter: full access to objects from javascript
  • Updated Orx exporter
  • Shortcut ctrl+ ctrl- to zoom in / out
  • Removed restriction on png width and height
  • Better support for V-Play engine
  • Added license agreement as menu item
  • Improved multipack algorithm
  • Fixes:
  • Less exporter: adding texturepath to the image url, replacing blanks in texture name with _
  • Fixed problem in SpriteKit exporter when loading SWF files and using AutoSD
  • Fixed occasional crash when closing TexturePacker on MacOS
  • Fixed –quiet and –verbose command line parameters
  • Custom exporter writes native linefeeds
  • Installing windows version in 64bit folder
  • GUI / Menu cleanup
  • Tooltips …

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