TexGen 3.6.0 Free

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TexGen 3.6.0 Free

A practical, useful and comprehensive modelling software specially designed for users who need to view the properties of various geometric textiles

TexGen is a useful and reliable application that helps you to quickly obtain engineering properties of woven textiles and textile composites. Adopting a straightforward approach, the application provides you with several textile options and enables you to quickly export the files to various formats including ABAQUS, IGES and STEP. Requirements: · Python 2.5 What’s New Core: · Put TextileWeave2D refine function calls into RefineTextile function. Refine can be called via TextileWeave class subsequent to weave creation · Changes to correct volume mesh of rotated rectangular sections · Correction to single layer RVE boundary conditions for Abaqus voxel mesh export · Extended voxel mesh to domains sheared in the x and y directions, giving voxels with a parallelepiped shape · Bug fix in PeriodicBoundaries.cpp to correct error in thermo-mechanical step · Added maximum volume fraction variable to Orthogonal refine · Added ShearedPeriodicBoundary class so that periodic boundary condition equations are output for the sheared domain voxel mesh · Added StaggeredPeriodicBoundary and StaggeredVoxelMesh classes. Creates periodic boundary condition equations given an x offset to give a reduced unit cell · Added ShearedTextileWeave2D class. Creates sheared 2D textile with either rectangular or sheared domain · Bugfix to YarnSectionInterpNode so that creates consistent section …

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