TeamDrive Personal Server 1.1.062 Demo

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TeamDrive Personal Server 1.1.062 Demo

Use your own secure, self-hosted TeamDrive HTTP servers to synchronize your data for small businesses, freelancers as well as private users

The TeamDrive Personal Server is a small application that is easy to use and involves installing a secure, self-hosted TeamDrive HTTP server. In this way, users can use any of their own servers, NAS drives, home media servers or any other computers as their own TeamDrive server and collaborate with members who have already received invitations on the Internet with absolute security and protection. These servers therefore become a data safe, since all of the files saved by TeamDrive are always automatically stored in a highly encrypted format. The TeamDrive personal server is optimised for TeamDrive and offers maximum performance and stability, even with poor connection quality. In order to be able to use the TeamDrive Personal Server to set up a shared space, the access details of the server (URL and password) must be entered in the corresponding TeamDrive client. TeamDrive Personal Server is designed to help you easily configure and host a TeamDrive HTTP server.
  • Set up a server up to 10 GB for free. Registered users get unlimited storage capacity for a year
What’s New
  • New with this release:
  • ARM and SPARC CPU support on Linux
  • Build in “Recovery” function. To reset clients to the last backup.
  • Enhancements:
  • performance improvements
  • new improved manual
  • new management console
  • many small bugs fixed

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