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Task List Guru 3.064 FreewareTask List Guru is a simple program that enables individuals to better manage their time by splitting them into tasks, providing support at import and export for CSV, HTML and TXT. The interface has a modern and user-friendly design thus, permitting any type of person to work with it, regardless of their level of experience. The program incorporates a wizard at import, in which you can set the character types, field separators (tab, comma, semicolon, space etc.), ignore lines beginning with user-defined characters and preserve order of tasks.  You can add tasks to a specified list, along with details such as name (from highest to lowest), priority (major, minor and small task, triviality, idea, document), due date, reminder and notes. The last mentioned field contains an array of options which can be found in most text-editing apps, including the ability to add bullets, highlight words, change font style, color and alignment, and insert pictures (BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF and WMF). This software utility features a small search tool, which can find tasks by inputting a keyword and by specifying where to look (task names or notes, only in current view). The main window is split into several sections, namely a folder structure, a list of tasks, a preview panel for notes and small pane with statistics pertaining to the number of tasks completed, overdue or due in the next two days. In order to enhance ease of use, the application contains customizable system-wide hotkeys. Some of the default ones are “Ctrl+Alt+S” to show or hide the program, “Ctrl+Shift+A” to create tasks from selected text and “Ctrl+Alt+A” to add new task. To conclude, Task List Guru is a management software that does not put strain on your computer’s resources. It is highly customizable and did not present bugs or crashes during our tests.
Task List Guru is a handy and easy to use utility designed to help you organize not just tasks, but also task lists, notes and reminders. This tool has inbuilt reminder support, hierarchical todo list tree with icons, clipboard support, undo/redo, print, export and many other features. You can also create your custom priorities and task type. This task list management software can also be copied to USB flash disk.
Here are some key features of “Task List Guru”:
  • Super easy to use, intuitive and attractive design
  • Hierarchical task list tree with 48 different icons to choose from for your task lists
  • Reminders with snooze feature
  • Task notes
  • Clipboard support (cut/copy/paste tasks and to-do lists)
  • Undo/redo
  • Reorder tasks and task lists using drag & drop
  • Print
  • Export to HTML and CSV (Excel compatible)
  • Customize priorities
  • Portable (can be deployed to USB flash drive)
  • Color tasks by priorities
  • Highlight tasks with today and expired due dates
  • Multi-column sorting
  • Create task-independent notes in the tree (“memos”)
  • Global hotkey to activate the program
  • Global hotkey to add new task
  • Customizable fonts, colors, and more
  • Easy database backup
  • Can be set always on top

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