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VirtualC64 – 1.0 RC 4

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VirtualC64 - 1.0 RC 4VirtualC64 is a free and open source application that emulates a Commodore 64 personal computer on your Macintosh. Compatibility VirtualC64 utilizes a cycle based simulation engine to achieve high compatibility. Although cycle accurate emulation consumes more computing time than, e.g., line based emulation, all modern machines provide enough computing power to imitate a C64 in real-time. Please note that VirtualC64 is still beta! It does not yet reach the awesome compatibility of the classical emulators such as Frodo, Vice, or CSS. However, plenty of games are already running and the list of compatible applications grows with every new release. Right now, VirtualC64 supports the following file formats: D64, T64, PRG, P00.