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TabTrax 4.0.23 DemoTabTrax is an application designed for those who want to convert a drum tab into sheet music which can then be played back to the user. With it you are able to create and edit drum tablature in a simple and straightforward manner using a virtual drum kit. It’s a handy piece of software to have around when you want to write new music or teach it to others. Ribbon based interface TabTrax displays a more than friendly user interface built from a ribbon style toolbar, a library, note editor and an instrument animator. The structure of the application makes it very easy to use by just about anyone who possess basic computer skills and knows how to write sheet music. From the ribbon toolbar you are able to access basic settings for playback, audio type, modifiers and scores, as well as configure the drum/cymbal mapping and various controls. Instrument animator This feature allows you to write music as you would normally do playing real drums. You get a virtual drum kit that can be played by clicking on the drum or cymbal you want to hear and as you do so, the notes are recorded and written down in the note editor. TabTrax’s animator also comes in handy when you want to see how a track is being played. As mentioned before, the application comes with a library section that you can fill up using a very large number of tabs and while you play them, TabTrax displays an animation that shows you exactly which drums and cymbals are being hit as the song progresses. Powerful note editor When you create your own song or use an existing one from the library, all the notes are displayed for you on a sheet. From there, with a simple right click you can add notes, insert percussion, move existing notes and even change their tail direction. Create music to jam to In closing, TabTrax is by all means a very practical and easy to use tool that makes it a cinch to write down drum music or simply load a solo and jam to it using your guitar.
TabTrax – instantly convert any drum tab to standard sheet music notation and playable MIDI music. Look, listen and learn from any tab, or create your own drum tracks with the best drum music editor, TabTrax! TabTrax is an music editor, tracks creator and drum tab converter. Learn groves, fills, riffs or whole songs from your favorite songs and artists by listening to drum, guitar and bass tracks in isolation from the rest of the song.
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