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Tables Transformer for Excel TrialTables Transformer for Excel is a simple add-on tailored to aid you in easily combining, dividing or creating pivot tables. User-friendly interface Although it is only an add-on for a larger program, Tables Transformer for Excel has its own interface, which allows you to easily access the functions of the program. The program assists the user by displaying helpful tips about the program, or even graphic diagrams to describe how the output files will look like. Tables Transformer for Excel main window can be accessed from Microsoft Excel’s menu. Various types of table conversion You can use Tables Transformer for Excel for quickly merging two different tables into a single one, by selecting the respective feature from the main window of the program. The Split table mode allows you to split the source table into several ones, allowing you to select what type of file you would like your new documents to be. You can also prepare data from a source table to be used in creating a pivot table by transforming the initial table into one suitable for the new data. Intuitive process When creating pivot tables, you can select the number of columns and rows, and also the column where the result to be stored. Merging two files requires you to choose the documents from the disk and also select if the first row should contain a table header. Tables Transformer for Excel can automatically copy names of columns in the new tables, allowing you to speed up the work. Useful add-on for editing tables To summarize, Tables Transformer for Excel proves itself to be an useful add-on for merging or dividing tables, and also for creating pivot tables from existing documents. The program comes in an easy-to-use interface that will allow even inexperienced users to operate its functions.
Tables Transformer for Excel will offer you the possibility to easily modify tables and construct pivot ones, divide one table into several ones and to merge two tables in a single one. With Tables Transformer for Excel you can quickly divide a table into multiple ones by specifying the number of rows and cells in a column you want.
Here are some key features of “Tables Transformer for Excel”:
  • Data transformations for the construction of pivot tables:
  • Microsoft Excel has a powerful and convenient means of data presentation in the form of pivot tables. However, additional transformations of initial tables are often necessary for their creation. Tables Transformer for Excel will transform initial data and will make it suitable for the construction of the pivot table.
  • Division of tables:
  • Tables Transformer for Excel will divide the specified table into several ones on the basis of:
  • The specified number of rows;
  • Unique values of cells in the specified columns.
  • Merging two tables in one:
  • Tables Transformer for Excel will unite two tables in one with grouping of this data.
  • 20 days trial
What’s New 
  • The consideration of cells format when transforming tables has been added.

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