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Written by Admin on. Posted in Software Server! Server! is an advanced and reliable software solution which is meant to offer you the ability to create a FTP server, supporting implicit and explicit protocols, as well as SFTP, thus enabling you to use whichever service you favor. Intuitive and appealing user interface Following a quick installation operation, with no events that are worth mentioning, you will need to configure the admin password upon the first access. It is recommended that you employ a strong one, which you can remember. The main window of Server! is fairly attractive and straight-forward, which makes it very easy to handle. However, the server configuration does require some experience in working with such tools, otherwise you run the risk of being unable to transfer data. The extensive ‘Help’ documentation can be of use to this purpose. The tabbed interface allows users to browse between the program’s sections, specifically ‘Main’, ‘Users’, ‘Blacklist’ and ‘Real-Time’, with the first comprising several tabs that enable you to fully setup your server. Configure your FTP, FTPS or SFTP server The ‘Binding’ window lets you input the IP addresses trhough which connections are available to the FTP(s) and SSH/SFTP servers, while leaving this field empty implies access is permitted to all the existing IPs. You can also choose the data and FTP/S ports, along with the preferred type of connection ‘Plain FTP Only’, ‘Explicit FTPS Only’ or ‘Plan and Encrypted’, to fulfill your needs. The ‘Security’ tab lets you decide on the maximum number of clients per protocol and connections per client, or the amount of errors accepted before banning an IP. In the ‘FTP(S)’ section, you can generate or import your self-signed X.509 certificate, which is used for securing FTPS and SFTP connections. Moreover, you can configure the ‘FTP(S) Advanced’ and ‘SFTP Advanced’ settings, as well as the ‘SSH/SFTP’ connection preferences. The ‘EMail’ tab allows you to input the SMTP server, the default sender’s address and your SMTP access credentials. From the ‘User’ section of Server!, you can add, remove or restrict the access possibilities for certain accounts, while from the ‘Blacklist’ tab you can filter specific IP addresses. In ‘Real-Time’, you can view the currently undergoing transfers and a log of previous activity. Professional-grade FTP server In conclusion, Server! Is a comprehensive and efficient application that can successfully assist you in setting up your FTP, FTPS or SFTP server, enabling you to customize all aspects of its functioning, while not comprising on security. Server! is a powerful, secure, yet very easy to configure server that simplifies regulatory compliance and operation of a secure file transfer server. Server! supports plain FTP, explicit FTPS (TLS), implicit FTPS (TLS), and SFTP file transfer protocols, while also providing a basic secure shell (SSH-2) and forwarding tunnels support. The tool suns as a system service and supports large files (> 4 GB). NOTE: Free for personal use.
Here are some key features of “ Server!”:
  • PKI authentication with multiple key-pairs per user
  • Advanced FTP(S) and SFTP security settings
  • Automatic blacklist
  • Real-time monitor
  • Virtual folders with per-folder security
  • IP-based and per-user security (white-lists)
  • Powerful event-handling subsystem
  • Easy graphical Configuration Manager
  • Command-line Interface configuration tool
  • 256 MB RAM (512 recommended)
  • 100 MB hard disk space
  • Pentium-class CPU or better
  • Maximum one concurrent client per protocol
  • Maximum three concurrent connections per protocol
What’s New 
  • Improved flexibility for the automatic triggering of the blacklist

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