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SuperEasy Backup Pro 1.15 FreewareSince all users want to make sure that the files they store on their computer are safe and sound, they are bound to creating backups to other locations that are less likely to be affected by malware or hardware crashes. While this task can be achieved manually, it is quite time-consuming, to using a specialized application can come in handy, such as SuperEasy Backup Pro. Supports several types of backups Once you installed the application on your computer, you can start creating an initial backup of your most valuable files. You can either backup your entire computer or whole hard disks if you want to make sure you can later restore any item from your PC – however, it requires more space and time to complete, so you might prefer to backup only certain files and folders. Next, you need to specify whether you want to perform a full or an incremental backup, depending on your preferences. Backup multiple types of files You can use the application to backup certain folders on your PC, such as My Documents, My Pictures, My Music or My Videos, but you can also browse to a custom directory. Once you found it, you can filter its files so as to backup only selected file formats (texts, images, spreadsheets, presentations, clips or audio tracks). Alternatively, you can backup the data stored within dedicated email apps, browsers or file organizers, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome. Encrypt and schedule your backups If you want to secure your newly-created backup, you can protect it with a strong password that cannot be guessed by anyone else; you can further adjust the compression and encryption algorithms as you see fit The final step is to schedule your backups to be performed every day, on a weekly basis or according to a custom schedule you set up. You can also skip this step if you prefer to backup your files manually, whenever you want it. Conclusion All in all, SuperEasy Backup Pro is a reliable solution that can be used for creating custom backup for your important files, then password-protect them to make sure nobody else can restore them.
SuperEasy Backup Pro backups all of your personal files. Photos, documents, music, emails, applications, contacts, your calendar – simply everything. Backup your PC with just a few clicks Backup operations run in the background and do not disrupt your work. Files are automatically compressed and take up little space. The application is customizable through smart rules.
  • Min. 512 MB RAM
  • 125 MB free space
  • 30 days trial period
  • Nag screen

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