StitchBuddy 2.10.3 Build 837

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StitchBuddy 2.10.3 Build 837

StitchBuddy is a feature-rich OS X application that enables you to view and edit embroidery designs saved to numerous file formats on your Mac.

It goes without saying that this app is aimed at enthusiasts, but its smart and intuitive design means it is suitable for any user, regardless of their level of technical experience. If you are interested in taking up embroidery as a hobby, we would definitely recommend StitchBuddy as your digital aid.

Well-designed layout that packs every useful function in a simple interface

StitchBuddy stands out thanks to its intuitive design, as it is very easy to locate the features you need at any given time. The imported embroidery can be previewed in real-time, to keep track of all modifications that have been made.

Additionally, it offers detailed instructions, helping novices get to grips with its functions more quickly.

Built-in manufacturer thread charts and stitch simulator module

An embroidery design is made up of numerous individual threads, each using a different color or stitch type. These are all displayed in a separate panel, making it easy to select the ones you need and specify the order in which they should be processed.

You can also choose from one of the numerous available thread charts and set a preferred one as default, to have StitchBuddy convert existing content automatically.

Moreover, the app offers an interesting feature that enables you to view the stitching process in real-time, to get a better idea of how the project should be approached.

Extensive navigation and manipulation functions

It is possible to perform various editing operations on the entire design or a selected area. For example, you can copy and paste content, rotate, flip, resize or delete items.

StitchBuddy can also offer a simulated three-dimensional view of your project and hide or display certain types of stitches.

All in all, this is an ideal app for embroidery enthusiasts, as it provides a comprehensive set of features and offers a well-designed and intuitive interface.


    • 64-bit processor


  • 50 uses trial


  • Reading Janome JEF and SEW, Brother PES, Melco EXP and Tajima DST embroidery files.
  • Writing Janome JEF, Melco EXP and Tajima DST embroideries, if required after converting from a different file format.
  • Centering a pattern within its hoop.
  • Changing colors of treads and undo / redo changes.
  • Rotating embroideries in 45° steps.
  • StitchBuddy also provides support for flipping a design vertically or horizontally.
  • Variable zooming the preview, with or without 3D effects.
  • Printing the embroidery including its size, the number of stitches and color information.
  • Copying the design as graphics (PDF, TIFF) and text into the clipboard to insert it into other applications.
  • Automatically check for updates (optional, requires internet connection).
  • Also: Apple help, configurable toolbar, multiple document windows.

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