Stencyl 3.3.2 Build 8670

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Stencyl 3.3.2 Build 8670

Stencyl is a game development suite that enables you to create and publish new titles for Mac, iOS, Windows, Adobe Flash, or Android without having to write any code.

The application comes with an intuitive workflow and offers you the possibility to accelerate the development process by using simple yet efficient tools to deal with basic tasks.

Build games by using drag and drop tools or by writing the code on your own

Stencyl comes with a collection of hundreds of blocks that can be included in your project with a simple drag and drop. However, you can also develop your own blocks and add them to the templates list.

Within the Stencyl user interface, you get to build entire worlds comprised of multiple scenes featuring various terrains, tiles, or actors. The utility includes an Actor Editor that can help you customize the animations of your actors.

Moreover, Stencyl provides quick access to the StencylForge online store where you can find numerous resources that can be seamlessly integrated into your own projects.

Extensive online materials make the learning process a lot faster

To help you get started, Stencyl comes with an online crash course that will take you through the fundamental development steps: creating a game, finding the game resources, customizing the actors, creating a scene, and then testing the project.

In addition, the Stencyl Developer Center provides an extensive usage guide. Other resources include an Educator’s Kit that can be used in the classroom, and third party books or online courses.

Effortlessly publish your games to multiple desktop or mobile platform

Stencyl integrates debugging and testing capabilities, but also offers you the possibility to export the final result to multiple platforms without having to rewrite the code.

To conclude, Stencyl delivers an intuitive and user-friendly environment packed with powerful game development functions that can help you streamline and optimize procedures, while allowing you to publish the same project on multiple platforms.



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