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Spooty Clock 1.0.6 FreewareSpooty Clock is a software tool that was designed specifically to help individuals view the current hour in different cities around the Globe. Quick install and clean environment  The installation process does not last long, and does not come with any kind of unpleasant surprises, while the UI you come face to face with is clear-cut and simple. It is comprised of several buttons and a panel to display the time zones that interest you.  It becomes quite clear they can be used by anybody, regardless of their previous experience with the IT world. In addition to that, it is fairly non-obtrusive, as it can be sent to the system tray at any point. Choose zones that interest you with great ease This software utility comes packed with a few examples, so that you can easily view how it works. Aside from that, from another window, it enables you to choose a time zone and name it how you deem fit. You should also know that the main screen displays the time using both the 12 and 24 hour format, and that the program can also calculate a specified hour for different time zones. CPU and memory usage is kept at a low level at all times and therefore, the system’s performance is not going to be affected in any way, and you can run this app alongside others without experiencing any kind of problems. Bottom line To conclude, Spooty Clock is a simple, yet efficient piece of software, dedicated to people that work with others from different time zones, or that have family and friends in other corners of the world. The response time is good, the interface is intuitive and our tests did not reveal any errors or crashes. Nonetheless, it has not been updated in quite a while.
Spooty Clock is a lightweight program that can display the time for different zones in the world. It can be used to show the current or a user-defined time. Users can add as many time zones as they want and change their order in the list. Furthermore, you can give each time zone a custom name. The timers update automatically.
What’s New 
  • Changed: The About window now has the donate button that it refers to.
  • Fixed: If the program was terminated and you had not moved the window or visited the options window, then your window size and column widths were not saved.
  • Fixed: Column widths were not saving.

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