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SpeedFan is a monitoring programfor users who think that the Windows Task Manager is too basic. It allows you to monitor the health of your hard drives, the temperature of different components, and change the speed of the fans.   The main interface of SpeedFan can be intimidating at first but once you get past the deluge of data, you’re greeted with a very powerful application that can help you troubleshoot the most difficult PC problems. SpeedFan offers more functionality and information than even your PC’s BIOS can.   While SpeedFan may be intimidating to use at first, it offers a bunch of warnings by default that alert less-advanced users to the dangers of messing around inside the program. Although the program spits out a bunch of numbers at you, the developer has also included some UI elements like charts, graphs, and meters to help you understand what’s going on.   More advanced users can use SpeedFan in conjunction with a program likePrime95 to stress test and monitor a custom PC build. These tools are really handy for testing the stability of your PC.   SpeedFan is useful for both the novice and expert. Novices can use the program to check the health of their PC and control the speed of their fans (especially useful on a laptop) while more advanced users can take advantage of the troubleshooting aspects and performance monitoring that SpeedFan provides.   Anyone who is serious about PC performance and stability can benefit from SpeedFan.  

Recent changes

  • -greatly improved DELL support
  • -nVidia I2C support works again with driver 275+
  • -now ATI Radeon support resets Manual Fan Control to the state it had when SpeedFan was started (no more unexpected video card fan set to 100% on program exit)
  • -added support for Intel X79 (Patsburg) SMBus
  • -added support for ServerWorks HT1000 SMBus
  • -added SAT support for USB enclosures
  • -added support for USB enclosures using SunPlus, IoData and Logitech chipsets
  • -added voltage reading tweaks and configurations for several Intel motherboards
  • -added full support for Fintek F71858AD
  • -rewritten Areca RAID support and improved support for Areca SAS controllers
  • -slightly refactored hard disk USB vendor guessing
  • -added support for AMD Family 12h (LLano) temperature
  • -added support for AMD Family 14h (Bobcat) temperature
  • -ATK0110 tries to find the best interface when multiple ones are available in ACPI BIOS (please, report if support is broken for your motherboard model)
  • -added preliminary support for Fujitsu-Siemens Hades

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