SpectorSoft Server Manager Trial

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SpectorSoft Server Manager Trial

Systems and Application Monitoring Software Tools

Corner Bowl Server Manager is an enterprise-wide systems and application monitoring software package enabling both small business and large enterprise System Administrators to proacitvely manage their networks and fullfill compliance requirements. How it Works?  · Installs to a single server then remotely manages computers, devices and hosts. · Is configured though a client user interface which can be installed to any Windows computer at any location. · Fires alerts and notifications through email, SMS, remote desktop popups, SNMP traps and more. · The software also generates reports to various formats: text, HTML, XML and CSV.
Here are some key features of “SpectorSoft Server Manager”:
  • Consolidates, Archives and Monitors Windows Event Logs, Syslogs and Text Logs.
  • Includes Security Event Log Reports such as:
  • Failed Logon Attempts
  • Successful Logons
  • Account Management
  • Account Lockout
  • Monitors resources such as:
  • Disk space
  • CPU load over time
  • Memory load over time
  • Monitors and controls applications and services such as:
  • Websites
  • Email servers
  • Databases
  • Windows Services and Processes
  • Monitors Internet connectivity and throughput.
  • Includes extensive disk and directory monitoring and analysis functions and reports
  • 2-8 GBs of available memory. 4 GBs minimum when monitoring Windows Security Event Logs on large networks or heavily loaded servers
  • .Net Framework 3.5
  • 20 days trial period
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • Previously many customers received database timeout errors when the log repository retention policy was executed. The function has been updated to execute smaller hourly transactions minimizing the transaction log size thus allowing the function to complete in a timely fashion.
  • The on-demand File Extension Report cannot be emailed.
  • When viewing Account Lockout Reports in the Console if the report is empty is doesn’t indicate there aren’t any locked out computers as it does in the email.
  • The Account Lockout (AD/WMI) Reports do not hide offline or inaccessible computers when configured to do so.
  • Service is unable to shut down when Event Log Consolidation is committing a large log to the file system repository.
  • The largest files, recently accessed files and least access files reports do not consistently display the targeted directories within the header of email, text and csv output.
  • Logon Filter does not apply Interactive criteria when applied.
  • Empty Largest Files Report allows …

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