Sony Ericsson Themes Creator for Windows 4.16 Free

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Sony Ericsson Themes Creator allows you to easily create themes for your phone.   The application lets you customize everything in your Sony Ericsson mobile phone, from standby, to the app launchermenu and calendar. Thanks to the tabbed interface in Sony Ericsson Themes Creator you can quickly move between the different sections. The right side of the program shows the current theme and the left one is where you can make the changes, from selecting a new image to changing text.   We were a little disappointed to find out that you can only upload GIF files to Sony Ericsson Themes Creator. However, the program does allow you to change sounds like the alert for new emails, messages or calendar events.   Once you are happy with your changes in Sony Ericsson Themes Creator, press Preview to take a look at all the different screens with the changes. It’s then just a case of updating the new theme to your Sony Ericsson phone.   We quite liked how you pick your Sony Ericsson model from a drop-down list, unfortunately it doesn’t seem like Sony Ericsson Themes Creator allows you to update the device list, so you might not find the most recent models.   If you own a compatible mobile phone, you’ll enjoy Sony Ericsson Themes Creator, which lets you quickly create your own phone themes.    

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