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Sondle Screenshot Keylogger TrialComputer surveillance, especially when children are among the users, becomes more and more sought after these days, mainly because there are so many threats lurking the in dark corners of the Internet. Blocking access to dangerous pages and filtering online content tend to become daily activities for parents worldwide, therefore they require some decent help from dedicated software. The obvious choice for anyone who needs to record the activity on a shared PC is a monitoring application commonly known as a keylogger. Many of them are often labeled as threats by antivirus and other system protection tools (and for good reasons, in most cases), so it’s paramount to find one that’s both legit and accepted by your security software. Screenshot Keylogger could be the solution you’re looking for, but it will not come and work for free, it needs a license to allow you to fully enjoy its benefits. The program installs easily and as soon as the setup is complete, you will be asked to create a master password. Remember it well because without it you won’t be able to access, terminate or uninstall the software. The array of logged activities is pretty good as it covers keystrokes, clipboard items, visited websites, screenshots and used applications. You can choose to activate all of them, or just pick some that best suit your needs. Also, there’s an application and website control section where you can create blacklists and have the access to the items on that list automatically denied. In order to view the captures made by Screenshot Keylogger, you need to visit the ‘Log See’ area. Here you will find the records for all the activities on the supervised workstation for the time frame you choose. The reports include logged keystrokes, with details such as time, window they were made in and the text, screenshots, visited websites and opened applications. Screenshot Keylogger is easy to use and will provide a good deal of information, all it requires of you is to keep that master password well hidden from prying eyes, but also accessible for you to use the program or remove it when no longer needed. As always, the advice is to take it for a test drive and check if you’re satisfied with what it has to offer before making any purchase-related decisions.
Sondle Screenshot Keylogger is a practical and straightforward application that enables you to monitor all the keystrokes, clipboard activity and web sites. Sondle Screenshot Keylogger runs hidden in the background and automatically logs all kinds of information.The interface can be password protected and only the person who knows the password can control the software. Sondle Screenshot Keylogger can block any web sites effectively and easily by ‘Web Site Black List’, and it can block any application by ‘Application Black List’. If you want to filter some web site you can add them to ‘Web Site Black List’, it can work with all kinds of Web browsers like Internet ExplorerFirefoxChrome and others.
Here are some key features of “Sondle Screenshot Keylogger”: · It logs all kinds of information, includes keystrokes, clipboard, screenshot, application and web sites, all in one. · Password-protected, Only the person who knows the password can control the application. · Web Site Black List can block any porn web sites or user-defined web sites, and it can work with any web browsers. Limitations: · 15 uses

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