Snappy Fax Network Server Trial

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Snappy Fax Network Server Trial

Receive faxes directly to your PC

Snappy Fax Network Server is a reliable and performant software that includes fax filtering and fax forwarding designed to manage incoming and outgoing faxes for network users. The Fax server receives incoming faxes and prints them automatically. Outgoing fax jobs are submitted to the server from Snappy Fax which serves as a client running on the workstations. Network clients are automatically notified when incoming faxes are received and of the results of outgoing fax jobs.
Here are some key features of “Snappy Fax Network Server”:
  • Supports multiple concurrent sending and receiving fax sessions on multiple modems. The theoretical limit is 32 modems.
  • The fax server can automatically forward incoming faxes to any number of email addresses
  • An unlimited number of network clients can be configured to work with the fax server
  • Each modem can be configured for sending, receiving or both sending and receiving.
  • Modems can be configured as private to a specific workstation if needed (The “boss” may want his own modem)
  • Unwanted “junk” faxes can be filtered and rejected by receiving modems
  • Supports forwarding of incoming faxes to other fax machines
  • The fax server can automatically notify client workstations of incoming faxes
  • The fax server can automatically notify clients of outgoing fax job results
  • Incoming fax data can be viewed remotely from the fax server with a web browser
  • Fax jobs can be submitted remotely through email to the fax server
  • Pentium class PC
  • 512MB RAM minimum, 1GB or more recommended
  • 60 MB disk space (actual space requirements will depend on fax volume)
  • Fax modem connected to your telephone line
  • The limited version support only 30 clients
  • 30 days trial
  • Nag screen
What’s New
  • fax engine tweaks

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