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Snappy Fax TrialSnappy Fax is a desktop fax program that provides beginners with a user-friendly interface, yet offers many useful features that meet the needs of an advanced user. First, the program asks you to configure your modem’s COM port, in order to establish the connection. After that, you can easily organize your incoming and outgoing faxes, as well as set scheduled tasks. One advantage of Snappy Fax is that it can archive sent faxes for later use. You can retrieve them whenever you want, in order to process them again. Moreover, you can write annotations on the document, which enables you to mark it up and send it back to the initial sender. When sending a new fax, Snappy Fax enables you to prepare the fax job, by filling in the fax routing method, recipient information, sender details, dialing properties and fax signature. You can assign a cover page to the fax, which can also include a custom message: ‘Urgent’, ‘For review’, ‘Please comment / reply / recycle’. Furthermore, the program includes an integrated cover page designer that you can use to create your own templates. Another plus is the Schedule feature, which really comes in handy if you have multiple faxes to send. Any document can be queued and saved for sending at a user-defined date and time. In order to easily manage your contacts, Snappy Fax allows you to create an address book, where you can store all fax machine numbers and contacts’ detailed information. An advantage is that you can import address book entries from other applications. With the help of Snappy Fax, you can also repair or optimize your data files, as well as generate customized fax reports, using the in-built report designer. As stated above, Snappy Fax provides you with a lot of useful features, which makes it a complete and useful solution for fax messages management.
Snappy Fax is a full-featured fax document management system. It allows you to store previously sent faxes that can be retrieved on demand, annotated, and processed again. You can resend the entire document, or send one or more pages without the need for re-transmitting the entire document. Annotation capabilities allow you to mark up a document and send it back to the original sender for review. Snappy Fax stores all fax images sent or received and by whatever method (virtual fax, inline email or email attachment, or web fax) in its local database for later retrieval. Snappy Fax introduces true Fax Broadcasting capability. Any document can be captured in a Queue and saved for sending at a later time, either on demand or at a predetermined date and time. You can also have queued faxes sent repeatedly to any number of recipients at specified intervals. For example, a restaurant may want to establish a fax database of menu “flyers” that can be faxed to a number of business establishments on the first day of each week. With Snappy Fax, this can be done very easily and with custom cover pages if desired. Snappy Fax also introduces the concept of Web Fax. This is a very efficient method of distributing a fax document for viewing by numerous individuals. If you have ftp access to a web site, you can use Snappy Fax to send a fax image to a predetermined web address and then notify any number of recipients via email of its existence so they can view it with their web browser. Previous versions of Snappy Fax included the ability to forward a received fax to an email ccount, however, its functionality was very limited. Snappy Fax expands on this to allow faxes received to be forwarded to any number of email addresses, regular fax machines or forwarded as web faxes. The forwarding criteria can be set to apply for a predetermined time so that there is no need to indicate the forwarding parameters or recipients each time you run snappy fax. Snappy Fax filters unwanted faxes to reduce the volume of unwanted junk faxes you receive. The filter can be set to accept faxes from the filter numbers or to reject all faxes from the numbers in the filter list. A full-featured cover page designer is included along with sample cover page templates that you can use as is or you can modify them in any way you want to produce the cover page you like. You can also include your company logo on the cover page if desired.
Here are some key features of “Snappy Fax”:
  • Faxes can be sent from any Windows application by printing your document to the ‘snappy fax printer’. The snappy fax installer automatically installs the ‘snappy fax printer’.
  • Receive faxes directly to your PC
  • Forward incoming fax images to any number of email accounts, in tiff or pdf format. You can also selectively forward faxes to email addresses depending on the calling fax machine’s fax number.
  • Filter junk faxes based on caller’s station id (fax number)
  • Fax Broadcasting of any number of faxes, either on demand or scheduled for a specific date or time
  • Maintain an unlimited number of address books
  • Import address book entries from csv or tab delimited text files
  • Import address book entries from Outlook’s primary contacts
  • Integrated cover page designer
  • Customizable data ‘views’ that can be sorted and filtered on any data column
  • Image annotation and markup tools
  • Fax images can be automatically printed when received or held for later printing on demand
  • Documents can be acquired from TWAIN compliant scanners for faxing
  • Fax Report printing
  • Snappy Fax includes a report designer, so you can design your own custom reports
  • You can capture images from multiple windows applications to build one multi-page document to be faxed in one transmission.
  • Includes a Third Party Interface to allow integration into other custom software
  • Monitor up to ten ‘watch folders’. When a document is created in a ‘watched’ folder, and named appropriately it will be automatically detected and transmitted by snappy fax
  • Pentium class PC
  • 256mb ram minimum, 512mb or more recommended
  • 60mb disk space (actual space requirements will depend on fax volume)
  • Fax modem connected to your telephone line
  • Scanner (optional, if you want to scan paper documents for faxing)
  • Free to use for 30 days so that you can evaluate its suitability for your use, it is not limited in any way during that period.
What’s New
  • Caller ID is now supported
  • Distinctive Ring is now supported
  • Problem with small image sizes from printer driver has been resolved, note: you must have the ‘small image handling’ option in settings->fax options set to ‘Stretch’
  • Problem with class 2 modem not answering call is resolved
  • Fax Search now also works for server inbox view

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