SmarterStats Free Edition 8.5.5136 Freeware

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SmarterStats Free Edition 8.5.5136 Freeware

On-demand website statistics, reporting, and data mining within a web interface

SmarterStats is a useful and reliable application designed for generating traffic summary and trend reports. SmarterStats is comprehensive Web log analytics and SEO software that cost-effectively delivers relevant, accurate and detailed website statistics to help businesses increase conversions and maximize ROI. With detailed website reporting and numerous SEO tools to evaluate a site’s search engine ranking. SmarterStats application is the perfect solution for providing intuitive web site statistics. SmarterStats interprets log files and converts them into an efficient, proprietary, relational database that reduces disk space utilization up to 85% while creating an ideal platform for reporting and extensive data mining. Note: SmarterStats Free edition is limited to a single site (profile), and includes all the interface functionality of SmarterStats Enterprise edition. You can buy the Enterprise edition from here.  
Here are some key features of “SmarterStats Free Edition”:
  • Use website statistics to analyze the performance of marketing campaigns
  • Use SEO tools to improve search engine ranking and visibility
  • Measure website visitor traffic separately from spider and bot traffic
  • Go beyond standard analytics and understand results with data mining
  • Determine the webpages that search engines are indexing
  • Track the referring pages and searches that brought visitors to the site
  • Analyze website performance and page load times
  • Evaluate and Report on Real Visitor Behavior:
  • As much as 15% of the traffic on larger sites—and up to 50% of the traffic on smaller sites—may be directly related to automated hits generated by spiders and bots as they index a website. Unlike many Web log analytics tools, SmarterStats separates real traffic from spider and bot traffic, providing companies with true website statistics that reflect actual customer behavior. Geographic report analysis and visitor mapping also allow businesses to identify demographical marketing opportunities. These detailed website statistics give companies the business intelligence they need to accurately identify trends, evaluate customer habits, and make effective marketing decisions.
  • Understand Website Traffic with Detailed Reports:
  • SmarterStats combines spider and bot detection with detailed summary and trend reporting with nearly 100 report items to help businesses understand real traffic, improve the results of marketing campaigns, evaluate SEO campaigns, and better understand visitor habits. Users can filter report items, create custom report items, save reports as favorites for quick reference, and email reports on a regularly scheduled basis to a targeted audience.
  • Analyze Spider Activity and Enhance SEO Efforts:
  • The success or failure of a website is directly correlated to its search engine performance, and the ability to isolate and separate spider traffic gives organizations the power to see into search engine methods. With SmarterStats’ spider and bot detection, users create reports that effectively and accurately determine which website pages search engines are indexing and when. To aid SEO efforts, SmarterStats tracks keyword performance and search engine ranking for an unlimited number of sites in the Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Ask search engines.
  • Get Greater Insight with Data Mining:
  • Powerful enough to handle the requirements of large enterprises, yet cost-effective enough to remain accessible to individual Web site owners, SmarterStats helps companies learn more from their Web site statistics. With this premier Web log analytics tool, companies can delve deeper into their Web site statistics to find hidden patterns in data. Known as data mining, this process allows companies to recognize patterns of customer behavior and act on these findings, providing an opportunity to target marketing efforts and increase sales.
  • Use Data Mining to Answer Questions:
  • To reduce the complexity often associated with data mining, SmarterStats presents data mining in an intuitive question and answer format. For example, by asking the question, “What are the referrers of this file,” or “What sites were people on before they hit this file,” businesses can get the insight they need to evaluate the effectiveness of an online marketing or advertising campaign.
What’s New 
  • ADDED: Detection for Internet Explorer 11+.
  • ADDED: Several new bots and spiders were added.
  • FIXED: Internet Explorer will now properly switch sections in the web interface.
  • FIXED: Login form now works properly in Internet Explorer 11.
  • FIXED: Server level reports will now properly take sort order into account.

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