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SmartBreak 2.0 TrialSmartBreak is a simple and effective program designed to remind you to take breaks from the computer while working long hours in front of the screen. Intuitive interface SmartBreak comes with an easy to use graphic interface that allows even inexperienced computer users to take advantage of the program’s functions. There is little customization to be done in the visual field. The program will display a stress bar that monitors the activity on your screen. You can adjust the position of the stress bar and relocate it in a corner of your choosing. Effective notifications You can set the utility to notify you from time to time to put your work on hold and take a short break. Of course, the break can be snoozed, but SmartBreak will insist later, for your own good. An option can be checked in order for the application to turn off your monitor during an enforced break, offering you a few minutes of eye rest. During the break, music from a selected folder can be played, for creating a more relaxing atmosphere. Customized alerts While breaks are recommended, the program can be set to also regularly display other messages of healthy advice, like reminding you to blink or to change your sitting position. You can customize these messages to anything you prefer. The notifications will be discretely displayed on the screen, without disrupting your work. You can also load sounds to be played in order to alert you from time to time. If you made too many changes and you wish to revert to the original settings, you can always press the Reset button. SmartBreak can be locked with a personal password, so no one could close it or change the settings you have made. If the password has been compromised, it can easily be changed. Conclusion SmartBreak is a reliable and effective tool for the conscious computer user, designed to monitor the stressful and unhealthy activity done in front of the screen, and also to notify and enforce upon you to take regular breaks.
Unlike similar programs which remind you to take breaks at fixed intervals, SmartBreak actually monitors the way you spend time on a PC and then prompts you to rest at the appropriate time. This effectively means that you can spend more time in front of a PC with very efficient break time utilization. Spending a great deal of time on a computer poses many health hazards. Two of the most common ones are Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI). While the former causes eye strain, deterioration of eyesight and dry eyes, the later causes neck, back and wrist pains. While there are many conflicting theories as to how computers affect health, everyone agrees on one common fact that taking frequent breaks when using computers is the ultimate solution to tackle this problem. SmartBreak is the only RSI prevention program that not just reminds you to take breaks but can also enforce users to take a break, which is especially useful for kids when combined with the child lock option. SmartBreak is a simple and reliable utility that monitors the activity on your computer and enforces upon you to take breaks, in order to maintain your health.
Here are some key features of “SmartBreak”:
  • Ability to lock the display and enforce breaks
  • Micro pause feature to suggest micro breaks
  • On screen stress bar to monitor your stress level
  • Works even when you are inside a virtual machine or on a remote desktop
  • 30 days trial
What’s New
  • Ability to hide break progress and turn off monitor during breaks
  • Custom blink reminder messages
  • Minor bug fixes and UI enhancements

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