Smart Cutter for DV and DVB 1.8.3 Demo

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Smart Cutter for DV and DVB 1.8.3 DemoSmart Cutter PS / TS is a software that can split and join video files of various formats, including MPEG, AVCHD and DVD. The program doesn’t need to be installed, so you can place Smart Cutter PS / TS on an external device and run it on any computer because the Windows registry entries will not be changed. The user interface of the application is a little unusual, compared to other similar software. Also, you can go to the “Options” menu and view the online step-by-step tutorial. So, once you have opened a video file (the “drag and drop” method is not supported), you can move two sliders (long range and short range) to seek difference video frames. Then you can set the start and end points and hit the “record” button (the red circle) to initiate the transcoding process. You can view the progress, output destination, speed, disk space, as well as elapsed, remaining and total time. You can also pause or cancel the process, or enable the computer to shutdown after the task is completed. Furthermore, you can merge multiple videos by adding them to the list on the right side of the screen, enable “Link” and then press the “Record List” button. In the “Options” menu you can select the output directory, action to take when files with the same name already exist, enable full screen mode and automatic deinterlace, and more. The program uses a moderate amount of system resources and manages to complete a task in a short amount of time. We haven’t come across any problems during our tests. Since Smart Cutter PS / TS is easy to use even by novices (once they have read the guidelines), we strongly recommend this software for cutting and merging video files.
Smart Cutter for DV and DVB is a very easy to use multimedia application that allows you to cut video files quickly in several mouse clicks. It is a Frame Accurate video processor. You can cut movies, and output to various formats. Especially, only small part of on start and end point will be re-encoded, the middle part will remain untouched. This gives highest speed while reserving highest video quality. So called SMART CUTTER. Supporting M2TS, TS, PS; H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MPEG, DVD etc.
Limitations: · Watermark on output What’s New · fix for poc type in H.264 processing · shortcuts ALT-[ and ALT-] for jumping to start and end point · batch in smart mate to link all files into one result · fix for file time stamp when browsing in smart mate · fix for context menu of media batch in smart mate

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