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Site Visualizer Professional 1.1 Build 4 TrialSite Visualizer Professional is an application that was especially built to offer you a reliable means of performing a thorough analysis of any given website. With this tool you are able to crawl a site, generate visual and XML sitemaps and gather all the data into detailed reports. Site Visualizer Professional provides SEO information such as page title, meta tags, description and lengths, in links, out links, H1-H6 readings, URL response code and link anchors. All the mentioned categories and more are presented at the end of an analysis in tables which are easy to read. This, along with the already user-friendly interface makes Site Visualizer Professional an accessible tool for both beginner and advanced users. An aspect that makes the application practical is that not only can you arrange the order of the table columns to fit your needs, but you can also select which of them appear in the first place. This way, you are able to toggle or disable columns for ID, content type, response, title, size, word count, change frequency, priority and many more. Besides tables, the information Site Visualizer Professional extracts can be presented in visual and XML sitemap forms, as well as a detailed report. No matter how large the website is, the sitemaps are generated almost instantly and can be saved to your computer just as fast. The reports that are created using this tool can prove invaluable to you. Not only are you allowed to select and copy the content to clipboard but you are also able to create custom reports using SQL text. With the information that Site Visualizer Professional extracts you can easily identify broken links, empty anchors and duplicate headers. With the above to consider and much more to discover about Site Visualizer Professional, it’s almost certain that once you give it a try you’ll see how much time and effort you can save when it comes to studying and optimizing a website.
Site Visualizer Professional is a website crawler tool, that visualizes site structure and shows a website as a set of pages and their outbound and inbound links. The crawler gathers all SEO-related parameters of every URL within a site, such as page title, meta tags, and their lengths in symbols, In links, out links and external out links number. You also get H1-H6 headings information and number of occurrences, URL response code, link anchors and REL attributes, image ALT and TITLE text. The data can be presented in table form, as well as in visual sitemap form, report form, or XML sitemap. Site Visualizer Professional is intended for webmasters, SEO specialists, and for all who want to analyze own (or other) websites, view it’s link structure (including images, CSS and JS script links), check errors and duplicate content.
  • Internet connection
  • 30 days trial
  • Watermark on the exported visual sitemap.
What’s New 
  • Frames support implemented.
  • Added an option that allows to crawl only directories specified, or to exclude certain directories from crawling.
  • Automatically check for updates feature implemented.
  • HTML comments handling implemented.
  • Relative URLs processing updated according to RFC3986 Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax standard

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