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SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro TrialPhotographers, designers and many regular users will often find themselves in need to quickly adjust the parameters of a certain image and for this reason they will resort to specialized editing tools. Among the utilities that are well equipped, yet accessible for most users is SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro. Through a friendly interface, this software solution provides a lot of tools and adjustments that are available equally easily for beginners and experienced users alike. The functions are available from dedicated menus, but getting to know where each command is may take a while and shortcut keys are provided to only a select few. Insofar as the support for graphic image types is concerned, SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro is only able to manage JPEG, TIFF and RAW photos, so you will have to convert other types of pictures to one of those formats if you want to get them inside this program. The image tweaking features, on the other hand, are much more detailed and there are some built-in profiles you can opt for, which include presets like landscape, portrait, fine street, sepia, red enhancer, sunset and more. Brightness, color, contrast, sharpness as well as noise reduction can be configured manually and in great detail by simply moving some sliders until you get to the desired effect. The set of utilities that SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro comes with has tools for zooming, exposure bias, black level, gray balance, skin color, rotation and a few more. The viewing options allow you to view the image properties, histogram, editing history and a couple of controllers that are well suited for fine tuning the loaded photo. You can save the development parameters, so you will be prepared for several scenarios when a specific array of settings is necessary. All in all, SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro offers a decent assortment of functions and can prove to be a really useful editor for some image types, but its main weak point is the limited support for graphic formats.
SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro is able to assist photographers in being able to manage all sorts of challenges that they may encounter with digital RAW photography. Probably one of the most requested features for the new versions of SILKYPIX are the demand for speed improvements. You spoke, and we listened. SILKYPIX now achieves much faster results with regards to RAW developing, as well as the workflow of the software. Multi-Cpu support: Now it’s possible to utilize your machine’s CPU’s to their fullest extent. You’ll enjoy all your processed RAW photos in no time. Tired of waiting for your photos to be done batch processing? With Silkypix PRO, waiting for your photos is a thing of the past. Now you may continue to make edits as your photos are being processed in the background. Spot Removal: On occasion, your camera’s sensor may pick up unwanted dust particles. With this intelligent tool, you have the power to make your RAW images spot free. Automatic Dodging Utility: The software is able to automatically detect the dark and bright areas of the image and make accurate adjustments to them with this tool. Is is like the software has a human like perception to eliminate blown out areas where the camera might have overexposed something. Dynamic Range adjustment: Every professional requires this. RAW data is amazing because it is so easy to manipulate with the proper tools. In Silkypix, the Dynamic Range Adjustment slider allows highlight information to be compressed to allow certain elements in the photo to shine through. Control the Highlights – Let the RGB components shine through as you saw them while taking the picture. Don’t let outside light sources alter your photos integrity. With improved highlight control, you will see a vast amount of detail and better color saturation.
Here are some key features of “SILKYPIX Developer Studio Pro”:
  • Spot Removal Tool
  • Automatic Dodging
  • Watermark Feature
  • JPEG/TIFF Corresponding Color Space
  • Improved Cropping Control Panel
  • Editing of IPTC Properties
  • History Management
  • Printer Profiles and Options
  • Improved Batch Processing
  • Multi-CPU Support
  • Improved Shortcut Keys
  • 30 days trial
What’s New
  • New support: Canon EOS Kiss X70 / Rebel T5 / 1200D
  • New support: Olympus E-M10
  • New support: Casio EX-100
  • Fixed a problem that blown-out highlights are brought to photos taken with Nikon Coolpix P7700 which shutter speed is set to slower than 1 second.
  • Improved the image quality of Nikon Coolpix P7700, P7800.
  • We update the License Agreement as following:
  • We remove the sentence “This Agreement shall be governed by laws of Japan.” from “(3) Exclusion of Liability” of “9. Third Party Software” and add the sentence “This contract shall be based on the laws of Japan.” to end of the License Agreement.

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