Shutdown Timer 1.0 Freeware

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Shutdown Timer 1.0 FreewareShutdown Timer is a software tool that can be used in order to help individuals turn off their computer at a specified time and date. Seamless installation and plain UI The installation process does not offer to add or download any products that are not necessary so that Shutdown Timer work properly, and it is over in just a few seconds. The UI you come face to face with can only be described as simple and clean, and it is suitable to all user categories, even those with little or no previous experience with the IT world.  Set up the clock and date This software utility enables you to program Shutdown Timer to shut down your PC with just a few clicks, by choosing a date with the help of a built-in calendar, and an hour by using the built-in up and down arrows. It is important to keep in mind that after you click the “Start” button, this tool is going to be hidden from sight. You can only view it running in Windows task manager. In addition to that, the CPU and memory usage is low at all times, which means that it is not going to put a strain on the computer’s performance and you can run it alongside other apps without experiencing any kind of problems. Help contents are not integrated, yet when considering how simple it is to use, it becomes apparent they are not actually needed. Conclusion Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say that Shutdown Timer is a pretty decent piece of software, with a good response time and an accessible interface. Nonetheless, the lack of further options might ward off power users, and it has not been updated in quite a while. With the help of this application your computer can shutdown at specified time and date. Now you do not have to worry that you’ll forget your computer turned on. This very easy-to-use and small program will handle your computer shutdowns.

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