ShareX 8.6.1 Freeware

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ShareX 8.6.1 FreewareShareX is a feature-rich and simple-to-use application that enables you to take screenshots, upload the images on the Internet, and perform a few post-processing actions. Once started, it creates an icon in the system tray area. The main application window has a clean aspect and well-organized options. It is possible to capture full screen, active window, monitor, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, polygon, free hand and last region, as well as start a recording session and save it to animated GIF. An automatic image capturing mode can be enabled. You can specify the repeat time, select a region or full screen, as well as set it to automatically minimize to the system tray area and to wait until the uploads are complete. As far as post-capturing is concerned, you can resize images, add watermarks and captions, borders or shadow, print pictures or copy them (or their file path) to the Clipboard, save them to JPG files (with or without automatic file name and saving directory), as well as automatically upload them to the host. It is possible to activate one or more of these options to be taken into account. Once the pictures are uploaded, you can use a URL shortener, post the link to a social networking platform (Twitter), sent it via email, as well as copy it to the Clipboard. ShareX offers support for multiple hosts when it comes to the image uploader (e.g.,,, text uploader (e.g.,, file uploader (e.g. Google Drive, FTP server, shared folder) and URL shortener (e.g., A special emphasis is put on hotkeys configuration, as you can add key combinations to basically anything, whether we’re talking about uploading Clipboard contents, recording the screen, or capturing an active window. Settings focus on playing sound after a capture is made, saving task info to history, adjusting quality, resizing pictures and applying effects, and many others. ShareX uses low-to-moderate CPU and RAM, has a great response time and performs smoothly. We haven’t come across any issues in our tests. In conclusion, the application has numerous options and extensive customization preferences dedicated to taking screenshots and scheduling automatic actions afterward, and they should particularly please advanced users.
ShareX is a handy and reliable application that enables users to easily capture their desktop, save the screenshots to the location they choose or upload them to various file hosting services. After taking the type of snapshot they prefer, users simply need to choose the hosting service they like, upload the image then share the generated link with their friends.
What’s New
  • New file operations wizard if file exists
  • Image and text destinations can have different file uploaders
  • Added text uploader support
  • Added URL shortener support
  • Automatically shorten URL if the URL is longer than the specified length
  • Toast notification window location is now customizable
  • Added “On start minimize to tray” setting
  • Google Drive public upload support

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